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Updated on May 14, 2018

MEC (Extended Clerkship Program)

  • You CAN register for MEC even if you chose not to participate in the 2nd iteration of CaRMS.
  • You cannot participate in MEC if you have graduated
  • MEC registration deadline for academic year 2018-19 is Friday May 11, 2018
  • If you register for MEC now, but then you do match, your MEC tuition will be reimbursed
  • MEC runs May 1 – Dec 17

Upcoming events

Details to be confirmed.


The tuition fee for the MEC program is $7,660 plus corresponding part-time student incidental fees that would ordinarily apply to registered MD Program students following the end of the regular YR 4 academic schedule.

Subject to OSAP regulations, this will allow student to maintain interest free status on their loans until completion of the program in December.

Students can pay fees in two installments.







2018 Summer session




May 31, 2018

2018 Fall Session




September 31, 2018

Financial support for MEC

  • MEC students do not qualify for OSAP due to the fact that the fifth year of study is not a requirement for the MD degree
  • General grant applications will be released in late August/early September and MEC students may apply for assistance at that time
  • MEC students are unfortunately not eligible for Elective Awards





MEC contract

May 11, 2018

To obtain a contract, please contact registrar.medicine@ Cá Cược Thể Thao


Criminal record disclosure (CRD) and consent

May 11, 2018

?Registration Forms

MEC Student Immunization form

May 11, 2018


Criminal record disclosure (CRD)

You must fill out a Criminal Record Disclosure Form to complete your registration in the MEC program. This completed form must be uploaded using this secure ShareFile link by do we want to add a date? When uploading the completed form:

  • save your file as:
    • class – last name, first name – CRD - year (e.g. 2T1 – Smith, Percy – CRD - 2018)
    • a single PDF document
  • check the resolution of your file – please retain the original copy of your form, as we may request for the original copy in the event that the submitted file has a poor resolution

MEC Student Immunization Form

Returning MD students must complete and submit a proof of immunity. Please have a health care professional complete the MEC Student Immunization Form in accordance with the Council of Faculties of Medicine (COFM) Immunization and Blood Borne Viruses Policies.


Should you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or make an appointment to see the Registrar, Janet Hunter janet.hunter@ Cá Cược Thể Thao or Bill Gregg, Associate Registrar, Student Financial Services, bill.gregg@ Cá Cược Thể Thao


MOHLTC Unmatched Students Support Program, 2018

The Ministry has released the return of service information for the supernumerary positions for unmatched Ontario graduate, please see below:

Return of Service

All residents who accept a position being offered under Ontario’s “Residency Training for Underserviced Areas” initiative for the 2018/19 academic year will be required to sign a Return of Service (ROS) Agreement (“Agreement”) with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (“Ministry”). The Agreement requires the Canadian Medical Graduate to return service for a period of two (2) years upon completion of his or her training in the specialty (being Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics or Psychiatry) in an area of need in Ontario, as determined by the Ministry. The location where the resident returns service must be approved by the Ministry in advance as per the terms of their Agreement.

The Ministry will provide a list of underservices areas for residents in family medicine and for the other specialist programs as follows:

  • For those entering family medicine, underserviced communities are those defined as “Areas of High Physician Need” and can be found on
  • For those entering the specialist programs referred to above, underserviced areas will be determined by the Ministry and communicated one (1) year prior to the completion of residency training program. These areas may include northern, rural and urban communities where a need for the specific specialty is identified.

For further information concerning return of service for underserviced areas, please contact:

Program Officer
Return of Service Program
Health Workforce Planning and Programs Unit.
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Tel: (416) 327-8339

Ontario Funding Additional Residency Positions for Medical Graduates

  • This is a one-time initiative to support Ontario unmatched medical students in 2018. Planning to identify alternative, proactive strategies to reduce future unmatched student number persists
  • Programs will include Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Psychiatry. Numbers and locations of positions within each program will be made available imminently
  • All programs will commence July 1, 2018
  • All positions have a mandatory 2 year ROS, in Ontario. The ROS will be a function of specific populations in need and/or geography, at the time of graduation from the residency program
  • The expectation is that successful candidates will complete training in the identified discipline; candidates should consult with the MOH documents regarding limitations on these positions, including but not limited to transfers and subsequent eligibility for subspecialty training
  • CaRMS will facilitate the match/allocation process. You will be able to download your documents, and make edits to these. You will be required to send revised applications (personal letter, CV, etc.) to the relevant PGME office and CaRMS will allow PGME staff to access previous reference letters and MSPR. All of these will be sent to designated programs by the PGME office. We will let you know when the system is available
  • Updated CVs and Personal Statements, will be requested by programs. Some may proceed with a brief interview period, while others may make decisions based on the application alone.
  • Program capacity will be for students applying via either the MOHLTC Support Program or MOTP routes so students can choose

Medical Officer Trainer Program Opportunity

The CFMS in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces has worked to create supernumerary Family Medicine positions through the Medical Officer Training Program (MOTP). MOTP Surge 2018.

  • All applicants would be in family med training programs
  • ROS is 4 years after residency, and after 1 year serving as GDMO (Family Physician) learners may have the opportunity apply for some of the CAF’s other target speciality area which include Orthopedics, Radiology, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, PMR, and CCFP Em.

Transcripts and MSPR uploaded for the first iteration will be re-used. NO new documents will be sent. If you want to draw attention to any additional information, please do so via your CV, Personal Statements, or references

Your MSPR cannot be changed

Clerkship Travel Program

  • Please see the attached memo from the Ministry of Health regarding the Clerkship Travel Program, which is now available to MEC registered students

Graduation messaging

  • Emails regarding graduation are part of the general listserv—you do not need to respond to those. If you don’t match in the 2nd iteration and are joining, or have joined the MEC program, you will automatically be removed from the list of students that are graduating
  • If you want be removed from emails regarding graduation, please email registrar.medicine@ Cá Cược Thể Thao requesting removal from your class listserv. Please note that then you would cease to be included in ALL listserv emails to your class
  • You will be on the listserv for next year’s graduating class if you don’t convocate this year

CFMS resources to unmatched CMGs

  1. A mentorship network, which can be accessed by emailing
  2. MD Financial Management (MDFM), a CMA company, is providing unmatched CMGs with $150 to support second round application costs. To access these funds, students must complete the confidential form attached. The personal information collected here will be used ONLY to process payment, which will be a mailed cheque to the address provided. The information collected will not be used by CFMS, MDFM or the Faculties for any other purpose.

New Graduate and Master Programs at Queen’s University

Queen’s University has introduced new programs available for students from any university who have graduated from medical school but have not yet matched to an accredited residency program through CaRMS, designed to enhance the clinical and research skills of medical graduates to strengthen their application to CaRMS, via:

  • Further clinical skills development in the context of the Canadian healthcare system
  • Exploration of current issues in medical sciences
  • Interpretation of foundational research and its relationship to clinical practice
  • Conducting research responsibly using appropriate guidelines and procedures
  • Applying ethical behaviours consistent with academic integrity and professional standards

The application deadline for a July 2018 start is April 15th 2018.

The Graduate Program runs from July to December, 2018.

The Professional Master's program is offered over twelve months and also begins in July 2018. It includes all of the course content of the Graduate Diploma, in addition to an extended graduate clerkship and a research project in medical sciences. Students in this program may decide to reapply for residency positions or submit applications for one of the many thesis-based Masters or PhD programs offered through the Faculty of Health Sciences.

For more information:
Queen's University School of Medicine Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences
Information Sheet - Graduate Diploma & Professional Master in Medical Sciences

Residency transfers - key principles

  • Transfers should NOT be used as an approach to subvert the match
  • Depends on funding and capacity and therefore is unpredictable
  • Success rate is low
  • May only be considered for a transfer after at least 6 months in PGY1
  • First point of contact is the PGME office at the home university to be added to the transfer list
  • Local, Provincial and National Guidelines exist (see below):
  1. University of Toronto PGME Transfer Guidelines
  2. Principles for Transfers in Ontario Residency Programs
  3. National Transfer Guidelines

These can also be accessed on the University of Toronto Post MD website

Interview coaching and mock interviews

OHPSA is available to assist you with your interviews. If you would like to participate, kindly:

  • Arrange for a one-hour interview coaching session for either March 8, 9, 10, or 12, 2018 by email
  • At your coaching session, please let the counsellor know if you would like to book a mock interview, and for which specialty. You will then be notified of the details?for your mock interview(s)
  • Please check out the interviewing toolkit prior to coming to your coaching session



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